Back again for SOS2017, opening two weekends, the 9th/10th and 16th/17th of September 2017.

“Hard facts are scarce, and this exhibition is not helping… vibrant, colourful stoneware is the medium for this alternative view of West Swindon’s past.  These sculptures and bas-relief murals explore the local history, archaeology, and above all our natural history.  Putting fake news where it belongs, in clay.”

Come along to 97 The Bramptons, Shaw, Swindon, SN5 5SL

(other nearby venues:  North and West Swindon SOS2017 venues)

Lesser known facts to be reveal in areas of natural history, archaeology, and even palaeontology…

Natural history of West Swindon


Archaeological discoveries along the River Ray


The fossil records of the Ray river banks.

More on Swindon’s Natural history.

Discover the location of Raymond’s final retreat, before the terror of the River Ray Parkway was finally caught.

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Caught, stuffed and mounted:


learn about the artefacts uncovered along the River Ray, once a mighty water way and important trade route, beyond the reaches of the now-navigable Thames.

Carving detail, …


… like those found on what is believed to be a figurehead of a ship.

Wrapped around the head, or spread out on the mural is the same pattern of interwoven birds:

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Dating of the carved tiles, and the ship’s figure head suggest extensive navigation along the River Ray in the middle ages.  This correlates well with tales of a navigable waterways well past what we now recognise as the Thames.  These stretches of the River Ray where especially well travelled because of reports of glowing lights, or lanterns, visible from the boats on the water.

The intricate patterns on these lights suggest they may have been rune stones and navigation guides, although we are no longer able to decipher the meaning of these patterns.


With less than a week to go, please check this site for regular updates, covering these and other incredible local stories.

More information on Swindon Open Studios 2017, at Swindon Open Studios

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