Back again for SOS2017, opening two weekends, the 9th/10th and 16th/17th of September 2017.

“Hard facts are hard to come by, even in this exhibit … vibrant, colourful stoneware is the medium for this alternative view of West Swindon’s past.  These sculptures and bas-relief murals explore the local history, archaeology, and above all our natural history.  Putting fake news where it belongs, in clay.”

<Update July 2018: Studios have moved.  New location soon!>

Less known facts to be revealed in areas of natural history, archaeology, and even palaeontology…

Natural history of West Swindon
Archaeological discoveries along the River Ray
The fossil records of the Ray river banks.

More on Swindon’s Natural history.

Discover the location of Raymond’s final retreat, before the terror of the River Ray Parkway was finally caught.

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Caught, stuffed and mounted:


learn about the artefacts uncovered along the River Ray, once a mighty water way and important trade route, beyond the reaches of the now-navigable Thames.

… like those found on what is believed to be a figurehead of a ship.

With less than a week to go, please check this site for regular updates, covering these and other incredible local stories.