Please join me at the New Brewery Arts Pop-up Gallery from Wednesday, June 10th 2015, to Sunday June 21st.
I will be premiering my work with the Elements exhibition.

Location: Pop up Gallery at the New Brewery Arts

The Elements sculpture collection includes abstract as well as functional forms. Abstract patterns are influenced by organic textures, shapes in nature, and in the clay itself. Porcelain becomes air and light, earth and fire is found in coarse, gritted clay; while rain flows through vitreous clay and deep stoneware glazes.

Element: Fire

Element: Earth

Element: Water

Element: Air

Poster for Exibition – 10-21 June 2015

3 thoughts on “Pop-up Gallery at New Brewery Arts

  1. Love the fire and air pieces. The light in the white porcelain is stunning and refreshing. Lorenz, you’re on fire!

  2. Lorenz we loved your work. You have truly found your calling. Wishing you tremendous success with your exhibition.

  3. Great exhibition Lorenz. Compliments from your Canadian fans.

    Eli and Michelle

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